Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Last Month

Well over a month has passed since my last post. I haven't forgotten about this blog, but I've been focusing on other things for a while. "Like what?" you ask.
  • IMAG Rebuild | Last month we tore apart our IMAG suite and started from scratch to get a simpler system with better image quality.
  • Resource Library | 4.0 is coming at the end of April, and we've been working tirelessly to get our database of sermons ready for "searchability."
  • Baptistry | We just installed a baptistry in our main auditorium. Baptisms on Sunday are a great addition to our meetings. But it also meant moving cameras, lighting, and thinking through microphone support in our small pool.
  • Subwoofer Array | In the ongoing search for ever punchier bass, we are exploring the possibility of a new subwoofer setup. 10 Meyer subs along the front of the steps. Boom!
  • Stage Rebuild and Extension | In the ongoing search for a place to put the subs, and the ongoing desire of pastors to be "close" to the congregation, we are also considering reshaping the front of our stage. Watch out front row, here come the pastors!
Thanks for reading again, and keep your eyes peeled. Some changes may be coming to the blog.

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