Sunday, March 30, 2008

3.30 Reverb

Hello, Covenant Life Production Team Friends.

Reverb is my new attempt to serve you by providing timely encouragement and suggestions for improvement after each Sunday service. I know I've tried this before, but I have some friends helping hold me accountable on this attempt. Here goes...

First, wasn't Josh's message on The Fearful right on target? Who doesn't connect with fear in some way? I really think God was speaking to everyone this morning. If God spoke to you particularly, leave me a comment so that I can share that encouragement with our staff. Kenneth mentioned to me that he thought this was the most effective gospel presentation he's ever heard. From a former pastor of evangelism, that's a strong statement. You can listen again here soon.

Second, I loved the new set design for Psalms: Real Help for Real People. Thanks for making it happen, Julie! With the Joseph productions wrapping up this coming weekend, we'll be able to move the backdrop further upstage next Sunday, which will alleviate some of the crowded feeling this morning. We should also try to strategize a way to get the drums out of the way of the last word in the theme. Any suggestions?

Finally, I think all our teams did a great job this morning. With the late Saturday night turnover from Joseph, the additional requirements of baptisms, a few new "features and services," and the fact that it was a 5th Sunday, I was very happy with the way our teams played their part in making the gospel clear.


The sound crew worked the hardest this weekend. They had to completely reset from the show last night. And Andrew served through the three productions Friday and Saturday and then Sunday morning again. Thanks, man! The stage setup looked really good, and I am thrilled with the results of Jake's DJ rig table. Very clean! Thanks, Jim.

Ben and I have been working up some checklists for mic setup, but it would be worth mentioning a definition change that I want to implement as soon as possible: line check does not equal a mic check. What I mean by that, more specifically, is that hearing the mic in the headphones (line check) is not the same as hearing the mic through the speakers (mic check). The mic really isn't officially "checked" until you know all the routing buttons, VCA assigns, insert switches, etc. are selected in such a way that you hear that mic through the speakers.

We had two missed mic cues in the first service today because we didn't thoroughly check those mics in the mains. This seems to be a recurring issue, so - all mixers and producers - I need you both to own this and back each other up. Make sure you hear those mics in the speakers on Saturday. Please don't wait until the craziness of Sunday morning to check them because you may forget. In the sound world, this is one of the few mistakes that I don't ever ever want to become comfortable and normal. Our expectation: Zero missed mics.


The lights looked good this morning. The band wash was a bit uneven, but I understand we were basically using the Joseph lighting plot. No biggie there. Great job hitting the cues on time Philip. I appreciated that I didn't have to cue you each time. You knew exactly what to do when.

I want to spend some time this coming week checking the sermon lighting wash. It seemed like its shifted again, this time to stage left. Craig, if you see this, and you pull the lift out for Joseph this week, can you make sure that all three sermon backlights have functioning bulbs. I think the center backlight is out. Josh looked a little flat on the IMAG screen this morning.


The video crew also nailed it this morning. I was so pleased with the results. There was much to do, including work with camera 5 on the baptistry, the "new feature" of keying the lower thirds (the title or name bar) over the camera shots, and the Psalms intro video.

Dennis did a stellar job as house director this morning. Dennis, thanks for jumping in to learn the keying system in a just one morning. I could tell you were really thinking through your shots and screens this morning. Your extra effort served people greatly. I know you made one switcher error, but for all you had going on, I'd say you batted 1000.

One thing for future video crews: if we are doing baptisms, the camera ops should plan to arrive a little early to set up camera 5, get the intercom line run, and get it looking great. Latricia and I will try to warn you when we'll be having baptisms. Unfortunately, we ran out of time between 9pm last night and 9pm this morning to get everything set up correctly. The dark, greenish pictures of the baptistry during 1st service were the sad result. Sorry, folks. My fault. I definitely need your help to set this up.

Finally, does anyone know why the projector was off center? The lyric folks noticed that the words were running up at a slight angle. When I looked at the projector's grid pattern up in the projector room, I realized that the whole projector had been moved about 1 ft off center, causing a keystoned image. I can't even imagine what would have done that except a goat-sized rodent. Any ideas?

Thanks to all for making the gospel clear and effective for the people of our church.

Have a wonderful week. Comment below to respond!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props - actually, I went home beating myself up a little for failing to hit the "key" button at Josh's into.

But, that's not why I'm posting. I noticed that for me (and probably only me), the "Preview" column on the house script is confusing. The reason is, there have been a few times when I need to make a quick check on the plan, and in the rush I'll look at the preview column instead of the program column.

This morning, I just scribbled over the preview column so as not to fall for that one. The way my mind works is - the plan is the program column - preview is the next event on the program column, modified by whether I want to preview something else to monitor it, or black for a safety net. But, the plan is always the program column.

So, for me, I think I'm just going to continue to eliminate the preview column.


Unknown said...

I think we felt worse last week when during the first key someone accidentally hit the advance button in the first service and a few extra names came up on the screen. Add to that my newness to the DVD mastering process I turned in the first service's DVD without finalizing it.

Anonymous said...


For thoe of us outside of CLC, could you post a picture some time of the set design for the new series. I would love to se what you guys have done.

-- doug

Dave Wilcox said...

Doug, I'll try to post a picure of the set next week. I kicked myself for not snapping a shot this last Sunday before it all came down for the next Joseph shows.

Unknown said...


It is very helpful for me to see your encouragement and suggestions to your team. I have been trying to do the same for the team at Cornerstone. Reading yours helps me see how to grow in encouragement and communicating effectively.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, check with Peter B. to get some good pics of the set.