Friday, February 01, 2008

Team Demographics

Steve asked me in a comment on the last post about a recent work day,
"I was wondering, what are your demographics of your team? What are the avg. ages, % single & married, men/women, etc."
Well, here are some rough demographics...
  • About 100 people on the various teams
  • 25% Women, 75% Men
  • 35% High Schoolers, 65% Adults
  • 60% Single (including the high schoolers), 40% Married
  • 45% are serving as a family or with someone else in their family
I think the stats that excite me the most are the number of high schoolers serving and the number of people serving as a family. That tells me that these teams are both enjoyable and good for growth in character. The future looks good, thank to the Lord's faithfulness!