Sunday, January 27, 2008

Working Weekend

We've had a busy, working weekend around Covenant Life.

Yesterday was Work Day 1, the first of our quarterly clean-up, fix-up, sort-out, and organize days. We managed to complete:
  • Rolling carts for our confidence monitors
  • A rolling cart for our keyboards
  • Re-geling all our stage lights
  • Cleaning out the catwalks
  • New doorstops that won't leave the doorways
  • Moving some dimmer circuits from unusable locations to usable locations
  • Adding an board operator's solo monitor to our secondary venue
  • Painting names on our set backdrop rolling carts (Are you seeing a trend? We love things that move easily!)
  • Assembling a new tripod for Camera 2
  • Testing and fixing all of our non-dedicated video lines to various places in the auditorium
We also got a good start on:
  • Testing all of our microphones to see how their frequency responses vary from mic to mic
  • Building a special power cable for all the stuff in the front row.
  • Cleaning up our long-term storage area.
Of course, being the non-archivist type, I completely failed to take any pictures. And I also managed to leave the camera cable at home, so I couldn't even get any pictures today of the final products. Hopefully, I'll have some shots by the end of the week.

After cleaning up from our clean-up day, we got ready for Sunday. Joshua Harris preached the third message in The Old Paths, our current series on Jeremiah. You will be able to hear this passionate, gospel-soaked message here very soon.

I will not be posting for a few days ("What's new?!" you say), as I check out of the blogosphere to take a few extra days off to paint our bedroom (and basement apartment, if I'm lucky).

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Anonymous said...

That's great that you have these quarterly. We need to have one of these here in Charlotte, as it's been years since we've had one.

I was wondering, what are your demographics of your team? What are the avg. ages, % single & married, men/women, etc.

Steve S.