Saturday, January 05, 2008

Work Day Planning

Management Realization: Getting others to work takes work.

About once every three months, the Covenant Life Production Teams has a Work Day. We take an entire Saturday and take over the entire building to clean, fix, move, organize, sort, and just generally improve our technical systems. With an average attendance of 20-30 people, these are very productive days ... when planned well.

This last week I began in earnest to prepare for our next work day on January 26. Because people are giving up a whole weekend day, I am continuously trying to improve our planning and preparation.

It sure is a lot of work to get others to do a lot of work.

We have to order gear, research project solutions, make drawings, borrow tools, and order food. We have to set aside supplies, create team lists, assign projects, talk through plans with team leaders and make it all fun. But the prep work is well worth the results.

Here is our project list for this coming work day, in no particular order:
  • Post cable color key.
  • Rack camera control units in table.
  • Clean up catwalks and light bars.
  • Clear out CD "collection" from Events Center.
  • Complete our set panel legs.
  • Build rolling carts for our confidence monitors.
  • Mount doorstops to all backstage doors.
  • Run power lines from events center backstage lighting dimmers to more useful locations.
  • Set up a floor monitor to function off events center monitor board solo button.
  • Double check rigging on events center sound system nicopress components.
  • Finish our twistlock power box sets.
  • Vacuum all equipment air filters.
  • Clean up all equipment rooms, sweep and mop floors.
  • Set up an office supply organizational system in our video room.
  • Build a table for our resident "DJ's" spaghetti-like playback rig.
  • Build rolling carts for our keyboards.
  • Clearly label our standard light fixtures that should never be reaimed.
  • Add littlites to our video control room.
  • Test frequency response on all microphones and floor monitors.
  • Replace gels on all our front lighting fixtures.
  • Refurbish the 12 multipin connectors on our events center main sound board.
  • Create 2 custom power cords for stuff in front of the stage.
  • Stencil names on all our various carts.
  • Test and fix all our video tie lines in our main auditorium.
Most likely this list will grow in the next couple weeks. Almost certainly we won't get all of this done. But if we are able to make a good dent, then it will be well worth the extra effort!

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