Thursday, January 03, 2008

To IMAG or not to IMAG... Where We Landed

In November, we briefly discussed my conundrum about IMAG at Covenant Life's Christmas Eve Program. There seemed to be many reasons to do it. And many reasons not to.

We ended up NOT doing IMAG during the production aspects of our Christmas Eve Service. Why, you ask?
  • There were several times when IMAG was simply not possible due to staging and scripting decisions.
  • There were several times when the screens became the backdrop.
  • The rest of the opportunities for IMAG didn't seem helpful, since they were infrequent and unlike the rest of the evening.
The reason I didn't write about this earlier is that we postponed the decision as long as possible. While I had procrastination, delayed decisions often are better decisions. We actually didn't make the final call until Friday, December 21st.

No IMAG this time around.

Maybe next year?

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the follow up post, Dave. We chose not to IMAG our drama/sketch on Christmas Eve either, but in hindsight we probably should have. It was centrally located (3 kids around their Grandpa in a big chair) and fairly simple to shoot. We had a packed house, and folks in the back and on the wings would have greatly benefited from IMAG. From now on, we'll have an IMAG director attend the dress rehearsal to show the drama director what it would look like - so they can make an informed decision together. Keep the posts coming!