Thursday, January 10, 2008

Resource Library Database

When I first came on staff at Covenant Life in 2002, another new staffer, the church's first Director of Communications, had a big project on his hands: Develop a new website. And he successfully did so. And we've been using it since.

But that was 2002. That's eons in the web world, so our site has needed a facelift a functionality-lift for some time.

Well, with the help of our new Director of Communications and a full-time web designer, the time has come for a new website. Launching in late April or early May, the new site will be much less like a glorified brochure and much more a place where our church members can go to grow and learn.

One of the most significant improvements will be the Resource Library. Modeled unashamedly after the resource library at Desiring God Ministries, this portion of the site will offer a catalog of sermons, articles, and eventually videos. Everything will be 100% free.

In order to make this happen, though, we needed to also upgrade our record of sermon recordings. The excel spreadsheet we've been using - even with its cool macros - isn't going to cut it any more, so we hired a database manager to create a resource library database.

Last week, we got our first peek into the admin features of the database, and this last Monday we started to enter information about our sermons. No more spreadsheet!

This is exciting progress, but now the work is really in my team's court. Getting the current information cleaned up and the database loaded with other sermons will take some time, but the effort will be well worth it.

Now, we just need to land on a set of topics...

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