Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lighting & Camera Tests

One of my favorite parts of the Covenant Life working culture is that we are continuously striving for improvement. This can sometimes be my least favorite part because it means that nothing ever stays the same. We are always changing, adapting, building, growing, changing again, deleting, revising, and changing a third time.

One of those changes is related to a recent series on the sacraments. We'll be adding a permanent baptismal to our main auditorium, so that we can baptize people during Sunday services without having to bring out Big Blue, our lovable 10' wide pool. She has only dumped her contents twice, once all over the stage and once down the walls into Bob Kauflin's office.

Well, it's obvious we need a replacement for Big Blue, so we did some tests today to see what lighting and camera improvements will be required in order to make our new baptismal pool work as well as possible. As much as it slows down the process, I am really grateful for the way our pastors want to think through each big financial decision thoroughly, see it as clearly as they can, and then make the best decision possible.

After a confident sense that we can make the pool look great in real life and on the video screens, the new baptismal pool will start going in on January 15th, I believe. But don't hold me to that!

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