Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Fly in the Ointment

What a wonderful Sunday!

Covenant Life heard a great message on evangelism by Mark Mitchell.

We saw an inspiring and edgy video about New Attitude.

Bob Kauflin led in a longer time of singing.

We had a fly on our video screen.

Yep, we had a fly on our video screen. This happens about once every eight months or so, and always elicits some chuckles. A fly manages to find its way into the projector room, which is largely sealed to the outside world. Then, it hears the call, "Come to the light...come to the light." And it follows dutifully until it lands on the glass between the projector room and the screen room, directly on the projection image. To the congregation it looks like a 1 foot wide moving blob until the mysterious hand comes in and swats it away.

We've got one more item to add to the work day project list: Video Projector Mosquito Net.


Anonymous said...

I never would have dreamed of such a scenario. I'd be curious to hear the story of the first time it happened...

We recently had a friendly insect that joined in the sermon by slowly crawling across the top edge of the podium. I'm not sure how many people saw it but it must have looked huge on the screens. Fortunately, the pastor saw it and we believe eventually killed it without calling much attention to it or its demise.

Dave Wilcox said...

Believe me, Doug, I never imagined that my role as technical director would include pest control. The first time it happened was during a rehearsal, thankfully. However, I think this is the third time in 7 years we've had that happen during a Sunday Celebration, which makes me think it is time for a more serious solution.

Unknown said...

do these insects always show up in the projector room or do they also cause problems in the screen room?

Won't the netting only solve half of the problem? (maybe less dependant on which room has a higher concentration of insects)

Dave Wilcox said...


They don't normally end up in the screen room. The projector room has an outside wall, so I think they manage to come in from the outside somehow, maybe from above the drop ceiling.

Nevertheless, if they do manage to find their way into the screen room, we haven't solved that problem with a mosquito net on the projector room side.

One thing at a time, I suppose.