Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To IMAG... Is That The Answer?

Should we use IMAG during our upcoming Christmas Eve production?

Here are few reasons why I think it could be successful and helpful:
  1. IMAG does a fantastic job of visually amplifying meaning by transmitting facial expression and body language to the entire audience, even those at the very back of the room.
  2. IMAG will help people follow the dialogue and action by directing their eyes to the person speaking. This could be especially good for guests who may not already be familiar with our acting team's voices.
  3. We have three video screens in the auditorium, and those screens tend to serve better as content communicators than as set pieces.
  4. We have lined up our top guns for our camera and directing team. With a few rehearsals they could make this look fantastic.
  5. I think - though I'm not sure - that both my boss and the senior pastor would prefer to use it.
Anything I've missed? Why would you vote FOR using IMAG at our Christmas production?


Unknown said...


I think I would go with the IMAG. Your room is so big and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

How many times have you been to event and though, "That was great, but I wish I could have been a little closer." Also, you have the roaming camera in the font which can give you some great camera angles. I just asked a few of my friends who have been down to CovLife a number of times and they also agree.

In our opinion, get a great director with good camera operators and make a great show.

-Josh Davis

PS Again, thanks for asking the question, I hope some of these comments help and it would be great to see future posts like this.

Anonymous said...

Could the IMAG shots all simply show as much of the stage as possible, with no zooming or panning? This would get spectators a little closer without distracting from the big picture.

Dave Wilcox said...

Abbi, thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, due to our stage size, screen size, and screen location, that would end up being De-MAG. The people on the screen would be smaller than the people in real life.