Monday, November 26, 2007

Made it to Monday

Well, we made it to another Monday.

We had another wonderful Sunday, which went much smoother than last week. But everything seems smooth in comparison to last Sunday's pulpit confusion. I'll write about that some other time.

This week, I had very few notes for follow-up. Just these:
  • Need the choir immediately after baptisms. | Oops, we missed the choir mics during the choir solo moment. Big Oops!
  • Change "O! How" to "Oh how" in Nothing But the Blood. | This is a personal pet peave. Exclamation points after a word like "O" always seems a bit overdramatic to me.
  • Find the missing verse to Amazing Grace. | We have consistent problems with this most common of songs. Worship leaders skip verses, some of our operators delete them, and we have several different artists who have added choruses. We need to make sure all of our versions have all of the verses before we lock them down.
  • One of our pastors wore a shirt that was too close to white. | It's probably time for a quick review of wardrobe etiquette for IMAG.
Thank God for Sunday. And for Monday!

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Peter Schott said...

One of the things that our crew in charge of words does is to make multiple versions of the song - something like a "Verses 1 and 2" version and an "All verses except 3" edition (for the Baptists out there :-) ). This helps because it also says at the bottom with the CCLI info which verses are being used for this particular run-through.

Might be worth considering, though I'd love to hear what others are doing in this area.