Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Day of Rest

Yesterday, something strange happened. I had what I would really call a day of rest.

Here are the characteristics of my day, which added together definitely qualify as a day of rest:
  1. I had absolutely no plans for the entire day.
  2. I slept in until 8:30am.
  3. I didn't shower until the afternoon.
  4. I spent the morning playing with my daughter, eating pancakes with my wife, and watching Meet the Robinsons with the whole family.
  5. We actually had time to wrap everybody up warm and take a 20 minute walk out in the cold.
  6. We had some friends over spontaneously for Thanksgiving leftovers and conversation.
  7. I got a sum total of 2 emails, to which I sent zero responses.
  8. Most importantly: I felt very rested at the end of the day.
Now, don't get me wrong. I do get a day off each week: Monday. But Monday mornings are speech therapy times for our daughter. And we've also designated Monday as family day, which means we have the joy of packing up both kids for some memory-making in the afternoon. Mondays are a day off, no doubt, but I often feel more refreshed than rested.

Yesterday makes me think that it may be time to reconsider our Mondays slightly. I am convinced that my personal service to the church is dependent on God, and that he uses a few primary means to strengthen me for service:
  • Daily times in his Word and prayer
  • My wife's labor in the home to free me for service
  • The Sabbath day of rest and refreshment
I'd love to recreate the combination of physical rest and unhurried time together that I experienced yesterday. That can only make me a more effective husband, father, and church staff member.

And maybe in the process I can accomplish an even more amazing feat: get my wife a day of rest, too.

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