Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Additions

I've been so busy with our new addition to the family, Matthew, that I haven't posted for a while. But there has been big news on the production teams at Covenant Life. Here's an email I sent to the team last night (some names have been erased to protect the innocent)...

Hello, Production Team Friends!

I write tonight to share some very exciting news for the sound, lighting, and video ministry teams. God has shown us much favor over the last six months. Grant, Corby, and I have explored the need to expand the staff support for the production teams. And just in the last few weeks, God has provided three new people to step in and help me, you, and the pastors: Ben, Latricia, and Mitch.

Ben started working full time last week as the Assistant Technical Director. He will be serving alongside me in leading the various production teams, primarily taking responsibility for some of the major events of the church. Over time, he will be assuming leadership of the 10:31 Meetings, Family Room Meetings, and some Sunday Mornings. He will also be helping me to push along some of the “background” projects that happen during the week. You may have met Ben playing acoustic guitar on Sunday Mornings or in Discovery Land. I’m excited to have his experience as a musician, as well as his hard-working, can-do, jump-right-in attitude!

Latricia will be joining the church staff this coming Wednesday as the full-time Production Teams Administrator. Jenn has been serving me in this way over the last couple years. However, Jenn’s combined roles with singles AND production have grown well beyond a full-time job. Jenn will be moving over to working for Jon Smith and the singles full time, and Latricia will take over Jenn’s production team responsibilities. This means Latricia will be able to do more to serve you, and that’s what excites me the most. Latricia comes to us directly from Olney theater where she was the assistant costume shop manager.

Finally, Mitch has joined our team as a Production Teams Intern. He is volunteering two days per week to help us with various projects and to get experience in live audio. He’ll also be serving as the auditorium audio producer on week 2. Mitch is in the studio recording program at UMBC and has already interned with Dave in Sovereign Grace Studios. I’ll bet you’ve seen Mitch serving with his acoustic guitar skills also.

So, what should you do?
  • Please wholeheartedly thank these folks when you see them next. They are giving their skills and their time to enable you to serve your Lord more effectively.
  • Please make sure to thank Jenn for all she’s done to help me and to help you these last few years. Jenn will be jumping back in as a volunteer on the teams, too!! Thanks, Jenn!
  • You can begin to send administrative communication for schedules, email addresses, and the like to Latricia beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 10.
  • Make sure to thank Jenn. Don’t forget.
  • Please feel free to copy Ben on any communications you have with me. It will become more clear as time progresses what Ben will address directly and what I’ll be involved in.
  • Oh yeah, and make sure the thank Jenn!!
With much gratefulness for you all!


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