Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Adjusting to Management

Suddenly, there is a Covenant Life Production Teams Staff. What used to be me, a part-time secretary, and a pile of volunteers has exploded to four full-timers and the still-necessary pile of wonderful volunteers.

Since I started at the church five years ago, I've always had the title "Manager." Honestly, that title came by process of elimination. I wasn't a secretary. I wasn't a pastor. So I became a "manager."

Now, however, I actually have a staff to manage. I'm loving the change because I have more people to help me, and I need it - just ask them! At the same time I have more people looking to me for daily assignments, direction, leadership, and priorities. So this is what it's like to be a manager!

I'll soon share some of the things I'm attempting to do to manage my staff, but - since I'm the newbie - I wanted to hear from you first.

What are your best management tips?

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Ernie Stevenson said...

Manage by the fruits of the Spirit and will never go wrong. Patience and self control are often tested.

Kevin R. Poole said...

Just the fact that your seeking the advice of others is an indicator that you will manage well. Never stop learning. Always remember that while task completion is important, your role is leadership and people development.

bill said...

Dave - you had done such an excellent job managing hundreds(?) of volunteers; adjusting to management of staff should be a natural progression for you! Your humility will serve you well.
As one who has gone from managing myself to a few dozen employees, the biggest challenge for me has always been battling my pride by releasing tasks that I have held onto so tightly over the years. That would be my counsel for you - continue to pursue humility and pray for God's grace in patience. Which brings about my second biggest challenge -- being patient as your support staff doesn't have the incredible wealth of knowledge that you have and they are going to do things different. Again, this is really area to pursue humility in.

Observing your character over the last few years, I am sure, by God's grace, you will do very well. I am really so very happy that you now HAVE some support staff! It is an amazing gift. I hope to come into the church one day and actually NOT see you there working. :)

Grace, my friend.

Anonymous said...

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