Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sunday Production Department

In a recent post, Sunday Matters Most, I alluded to a new approach to Sunday Mornings that Covenant Life adopted this spring.

After realizing that our Sunday services were frequently getting less attention than our monthly meetings (youth, singles, parenting), we decided to make some significant changes.  We needed to help the staff keep Sunday in it's rightful place as the most important meeting of the church.

The biggest change is that we restructured the whole staff, creating a new department: the Sunday Production Department.  This new department includes:
  • Executive Pastor of Sunday Production
  • Pastor of Outreach and Evangelism
  • Music Director
  • Director of Communication
  • Technical Director
  • All of Our Staff and Volunteers
All of these roles have existed for some time except for the Executive Pastor of Sunday Production.  After many discussions and even having one person act as an interim Pastor of Sunday Production, two things became clear:
  1. This person must have a significant leadership gift.
  2. This person must have the full trust of the senior pastor.
Who fit that bill?  Well, after serving many years in various roles as the worship leader, singles pastor, youth pastor, family pastor, and executive pastor, Grant Layman is now the Executive Pastor of Sunday Production.  (This change is so new, it isn't even reflected on the website, yet.)

I have already felt the affects of his leadership as he's helped me decide who to hire next to support the production teams.  I'll write more on who that will be in another post.  But suffice to say that he's lightened my load substantially, which positions us to do many things that we just haven't had the capacity to accomplish.

I thank God for Grant's flexibility in moving over to this new role and look forward to what the Lord has in store for our church as Grant helps us make Sundays matter most.

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