Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Baptisms Last Sunday

Sometime this week, I was going to try to post about the baptism service we did this last Sunday, but Bob Kauflin beat me to it.  You can read more about some of the changes in Covenant Life's approach to baptism in his post, "Baptism and Worship."

Check out the temporary baptismal we used.  On my stage layout drawings, it was labelled, "One Very Big Pool."  It should have been labelled, "One Very Big and Very Blue Pool."


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

I read Bob's post yesterday, and was wondering how it worked with having the pool there for the whole meeting time? I would think the band members would tend to be a little more cautious with the pool on stage. Did you attempt to camouflage it at all, or was it just sitting there the whole time?


Steve S.

Dave Wilcox said...


The pool was a defining piece on the stage. We pushed the musicians as far away from the pool as reasonably possible, primarily to keep all electricity away from the water. This didn't hinder them, though, from singing and playing normally. The folks that tend to jump or "dance" still did that.

We did consider camouflaging the pool, and we could have made it less conspicuous. But the consensus of the Sunday planning team was that we wanted to maximize the sense that this was different than a normal Sunday, to build people's anticipation for the baptisms. We got a lot of good response.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to having a permanent baptismal in the very near future.