Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another Successful Work Day

We set a record today. We had the cleanest work day ever!

About four times a year the tech teams take over the building for a day to fix, clean, move, improve, organize, and generally maintain our stuff. We call these days Work Days, and they are hard work.

Today, we knocked out the following projects:
  1. Stencil labels and distribute all of the floor monitor carts.
  2. Rebuild the backdrop flats.
  3. Rewire our sermon media audio disbribution system.
  4. Relabel all the mixer boards with a more condense band list.
  5. Replace 1/4" jacks in the headphone snakes with XLR.
  6. Create a storage box for our six new wireless in-ear beltpacks.
  7. Label the 48 new recievers for Spanish Translation
  8. Label the new personal headphone amps with switch position directions.
  9. Run cables to wire the remotes to our side screen projectors.
  10. Shorten the projector mounts on the side screen projectors to get them closer to the ceiling.
  11. Remove all bad bulbs in the events center lighting system and order more.
Just like the process of cleaning your room can lead to a temporary disaster area, our work days normally requires hours of cleaning up our clean-up mess. Somehow, today, we managed to keep things relatively clean as we went along, and we actually finished up at 4pm as planned.

Thanks to all who came out today to help! As I told someone this afternoon, you accomplished in one day what would have taken the staff several months. More importantly, God was glorified as you gave your time to serve the church in mundane ways with supernatural joy.


W. Harris said...

David -

I am bothering you again,sorry but the "Create a storage box for our six new wireless in-ear beltpacks." caught my eye.

Did you build something, or just adapt a tote/box, I am interested what you came up with. We currently use a cart for all our wired and wireless belt backs. Interested in your solution. Did you provide space for the speakers to go with the packs?


Dave Wilcox said...


We modified a pistol case.

At your local hunting outfitter, you can probably find a briefcase-size plastic case used for pistols. They typically have foam already in them.

We cut the foam to fit our beltpacks, but we didn't include the in-ears. That's only because our musicians sometimes use headphones, sometimes in-ears, and sometimes they bring their own listening device.