Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Announcement Crash

A friend of mine attended a church which had a consultant come in to evaluate their Sunday services. One of the consultant's comments was that the singing was passionate and the sermon was powerful, but the announcements in-between were, well, boring. The level of engagement in the content crashed during the announcements, losing much momentum that could have served the sermon that was coming next.

The consultant recommended scrapping the announcements altogether. Part of me would love to see us do that at Covenant Life. But the practical part of me knows that's not very likely to happen in the near future, if ever. That makes me grateful that we are trying to improve the way that we do announcements each Sunday. We are aiming for engaging, motivating, welcoming, family-room-style "conversation." I think the extra effort has helped.

Church Communications Pro posted some guidelines for delivering announcements today that are worth reading and considering if you want to avoid the announcement crash.

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