Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Made It to Monday

After each weekend, I want to get into the habit of recording some things that I see in the rear-view mirror. I hope to highlight where God was at work, what could have been better, and at least one thing I learned. I apologize in advance for the haphazardness of these posts.

What happened this weekend?
  • On Friday night, we had a prayer and ministry night, a part of our bi-annual week of prayer.
  • On Saturday morning, we mourned the loss of Micah Davis, a three-year-old boy who went to meet Jesus on Thursday because of brain cancer.
  • On Sunday, we learned about the sacraments from 1 Corinthians 11:17-33, and we learned how unity in the church is essential to honoring Christ. (listen here)
What I'm grateful for:
  • God's provision through four "surprise" volunteers who were able to come join us on Friday night and make the ministry night a success.
  • Three faithful team leaders from our sound, lighting, and children's ministry teams who gave me some excellent advice on placing volunteers for our next serving year in October.
  • The example of Luke and Kriscinda Davis, who are making the most of their MIcah Man for the glory of God.
  • Overall, a VERY smooth Sunday morning where everyone served with excellence.
What could have been better? We had a few small details that didn't get nailed:
  • At one point, our worship leader ended up on the screen at the wrong time. I had mistaken one of his hand signals for him calling for the end of the song.
  • After the third song, we did a responsive reading, which unfortunately had some typing entry errors in it. Strangely, we had fixed one of those very errors the night before, but it somehow didn't get saved into the file.
  • The transition from the end of the message back into song was awkward in the first meeting, since we didn't have enough people helping get the band stuff back in place. And because one rolling set piece went the wrong way off-stage. Traffic Jam!
What I learned this weekend:
  • Training sound mixers is a toughie. I still have a lot to learn on how to do this effectively.
  • Given the size of our teams (about 150 volunteers total), our staff needs to start thinking more like a human resources department, and less like a project management team.


Anonymous said...

What is your weekly schedule like for your media ministry?

I'm a new media minister in Lake Charles.

Dave Wilcox said...


Welcome to the world of media ministry! Thanks for serving your church in this critical way.

I'm not sure exactly how to answer your question about weekly schedule.

Are you referring to a normal week of events that we support, my personal schedule for each week, our planning schedule for Sundays, or something completely different?

Thanks for clarifying!

Anonymous said...

David -

Can you flesh out your last comment 'human resources instead of project management.' I think I know what you mean, but I would enjoy to read your thoughts.

Dave Wilcox said...


Thanks for asking about the human resources idea. I'll write some more thoughts out tomorrow in a new post. It's nothing necessarily new for me, but this weekend was a good reminder that I need to regularly shift focus from an event and project mentality (how do I get stuff done?) to a people mentality (how do I steward the gifted people God has provided?).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I wasn't very specific.

I'm wondering what your planning schedule for Sundays.

Do you have weekly times dedicated to meeting/planning or training?

I enjoy your posts. Thanks.

Dave Wilcox said...

Roger, a brief overview of our Sunday planning routine looks something like this...

Every Tuesday afternoon the staff members responsible for Sundays meet for two hours. We review the last Sunday, plan the details of the coming two Sundays, and talk about any long-range Sunday plans that really need advance preparation.

On Wednesday morning, I create the documentation paperwork for the weekend's volunteers and post those on our team website for the volunteers to view.

Wednesday also begins the graphics creation process. The graphics folks and I coordinate on what I already have and what they still need to create.

Friday, graphics are due to me for final review. I try to create all the slide presentations at this time, but it often gets put off until Saturday.

Saturday, the staff team meets again for 1 hour to lock in the details for the next day.

Immediately afterward, the tech volunteers begin to arrive for stage setup and band rehearsal. I meet informally with the sound and lighting volunteers to give them the paperwork and answer any questions they may have.

Sunday morning, before the first service, I sit down for 15 minutes each with the sound team leader and the video team leader to go over the detailed schedule of the morning.

Then, the service starts. Praise God!

Josh said...


You mentioned in your post that you had over 150 volunteers for you Sunday morning services. I was wondering how you organize the scheduling of those volunteers and how many people were assigned to each area (audio, video, lighting, etc.). Our tech needs have grown drastically with our new system install and moving to two services, so I wanted to see how you organized things at Cov. Life.

Dave Wilcox said...


I'll try to cover how we organize volunteers in a post in the next couple weeks. Just to clarify, are you most interested in what roles they play, what rotation the serve, or how we communicate with everybody? Or all of the above?


Josh said...

If it's not too much trouble, I am interested in all of the above.

Dave Wilcox said...

I've got them all on my list of future posts. Thanks for asking.