Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Attitude Update

We just wrapped up Session 2 for New Attitude 2007.

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Message summaries at Challies.

We have the same audio rig as last year. PM5Ds at both FOH and monitor world make band changes easy and recall easier. The Vertec line arrays are doing a nice job in this room, although the room itself is not my favorite. It's really boomy in the low mids, and we have 225Hz almost completely notched out of the system. But it's shaping up OK.

For the curious, here are some bad pics from my Treo.


Tim said...

question about the setup this year. the line arrays were obviously a good choice for the room but because of their throw pattern, the bleachers in the left and right heard more reverberations instead of the actual mix. it was a bit tough to clearly make out the speakers and vocals in general as a result. would it have been better to rotate them out and have another array in the center, or to have another set of arrays pointed out more? why did you only use two arrays? just curious.

Dave Wilcox said...


Thanks so much for your comment. I only briefly listened up in the bleachers in the rehearsal time, and I never made it back up there during the actual sessions.

After seeing this comment and hearing something similar from another person I trust, I think we may have missed the mark on this count. The Vertec line array has a horizontal dispersion of 90 degrees, which probably didn't cover the sides of the bleachers sufficiently.

I will definitely pass this on to the producer, and we'll try to do better to cover the extremes in the future.

I am sorry it was hard for you to hear at times, and thanks again for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
My friend who went to the NA conference said that someone on the worship team was using a laptop as a tool for music/worship, and I think I remember seeing him at the WorshipGod '06 doing the same thing. I'm really curious as to what his whole set-up is. What software/programs does he use and how does he work with the rest of the team? How is he hooked up to the system?
I have been interested in exploring this type of thing on our worship team, but I've no idea where to start! I have a MacBook Pro and Garageband, but I'm guessing it might be a bit more involved than that.
Thanks for your blog!

Dave Wilcox said...

Jessica, I've forwarded your message on to Jake, who runs the "beatbox" thing for 1Band. He may comment here. If you could email me with your email address, I can have him send you a response directly.

Dave Wilcox said...

Jessica, I messed up the "email me" link. You can reach me at

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

I was curious about this at New Attitude, how did you end up getting your kick drum sound? Did you add any of the effects on the 5D, if so which ones? How did you EQ it?

Feel free to go into as much or as little detail as you'd like. I know that a lot of people in the conference talk about how much they like the sound of the kick, myself included, and would love to reproduce the sound up here at Covfel.

I'd also love to hear about your philosophy of mixing, but maybe that's not for the blog. If you would rather email me, you can reach me at

Thanks a lot,


Dave Wilcox said...

Josh, thanks for the comment. I'll try to post soon about kick drum sound from Na. It's more than I can write at this moment.