Friday, February 02, 2007

Personal Retreat, Part 1

I'm off today on a personal retreat. I'm basically taking the whole day to seek God about different things happening at work, at home, and in my soul. I love the thought of having an entire uninterrupted day with God.

This is the first time I've done a personal, personal retreat. In the past I've taken time away from the office to do ultra-long-term planning for the church production teams. That frequently included prayer, study, and the like. However, it was always with projects in mind. This day, while work at the church will still be a big part, is more about larger issues related to my heart, namely temptation and sin.

The plan is loose, but I'll be spending a good deal of time reading, praying, and journaling.

Here are the books I've brought with me:
I'll probably post a couple updates today about what the Lord is saying to me. If you think of it, please pray for me, that God would direct me on how to love and serve him more to his pleasure and glory.

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