Thursday, February 22, 2007

C3 Travel Travails

Well, as God ordained, we encountered some minor challenges in our travels to C3 yesterday.

On the ride from Gaithersburg to the Baltimore airport, cell phones started ringing all over the car. American Airlines was calling each of us to let us know that our flight had been cancelled. However, there was another flight leaving only an hour later. We had been rebooked on the later flight.

The unfortunate result of the later flight is that we did not get into Dallas early enough to make it Outback Steakhouse. Awwww (sad violin sounds here).... Some guys were looking forward to some juicy steaks. But Chili's had to suffice.

By the time we left Chili's to check into our hotel, it was 11:30p Dallas time, 12:30a body time. Anyone else notice that it gets harder to be joyful when the time gets later? Well, the hotel had given away our rooms, even though we had contacted them twice that day to let them know we would be arriving late. Thankfully, we were too exhausted to be really angry.

After driving around strange parts of suburban Dallas for what seemed like 45 more minutes, we finally plopped down in our new hotel rooms. Thankfully, the day was tiring enough that I didn't even notice that my mattress was only about 4 inches think.

These are the trying suburban-American-spoiled-rotten-I-always-get-what-I-want things we went through yesterday. It was actually a great day, and I will post soon about some of our discussions.


Unknown said...


Hope C3 is a blessing to you.

I am a pastor out in the Midwest and we are trying to do a better job of recording our services for web use. Is there an editing program (we are using an old version of Cool Edit) that would allow us to do this better.

I would also be interested in knowing what you do at Cov. Life.



Dave Wilcox said...


Right now Covenant Life is using Sony's SoundForge on a Windows machine. It's a very simple tool, but it works well for us and records directly to .wav files.

I know that our parent ministry, Sovereign Grace, uses ProTools on Mac. We are seriously considering switching to ProTools ourselves, but we haven't taken the plunge yet.

I'm sure that our current processes are simple and probably don't utilize current technology to the max. However, I think we generally do get a good, clean recording in the end.

What's everyone else doing out there?