Tuesday, February 27, 2007

C3 in Review

Though almost a week later is not "soon" enough, I promised some posts looking back on C3 last week. Here's what our trip looked like overall, and what some future posts will resemble over the next few days...
  • Wednesday Evening = Discussion about Effective Children's Ministry
  • Thursday, Session 1 = Ed Young on "Turning What If to What is"
  • Thursday, Session 2 = Craig Groeschel on "You're an Idiot"
  • Lunch = Learning from Craig Cabaniss about Fellowship Church and Texas Christianity
  • Thursday, Session 3 = Mark Driscoll on "Two Enemies of the Gospel"
  • Thursday Dinner = Discussion about Music and Mixing
  • Friday, Session 5 = Bishop TD Jakes on "Ten Commandments of Christian Leadership"
  • Trip Home = Discussion with Corby Megorden

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