Thursday, January 18, 2007

Same Word, Different Language

One of the wonders of the DC area is the array of cultures and languages that live together here. While I can easily become dull to the uniqueness of this experience, my midwestern parents remind me of the value whenever they visit. Each time, they remark about the diversity they see here and how much they appreciate it.

Six years ago, Covenant Life Church built a new building in response to the growth God gave us in our congregation and in anticipation of more people who would need empty seats to hear God's word preached. While I've often admitted where we lacked foresight, there was one area where we predicted accurately. We installed an assistive listening system that would also work for foreign language translation. And at long last, we took the first steps to offer our services in Spanish yesterday.

In actuality, we could have offered interpretation for some time now. However, we hesitated because we haven't had the pastors on staff with the necessary language skills to effectively counsel native Spanish speakers. We wanted to make sure that anyone who becomes a member can be effectively shepherded.

But the Lord has now provided the men required to fully invite Spanish speakers into our congregation. If all goes well, interpretation will be up and running in late spring or early summer. I can't wait to see who the Lord brings into our family as we speak the same Word in a different language!

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