Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Current Work Week

A reader recently asked me this question...
In one of your last posts you talked about taking one of your official 15 minute breaks and use to blog. I am interested in learning how your work day (and week) is structured. Do you have ‘work breaks’? What is yoru schedule? Do you have staff that reports to you? What is there work day/week like?
I responded personally, but also thought I'd post it here, too, for what its worth...

Monday = At Home (all day)
I spend the day playing with my daughter and taking my wife out on a date.

Tuesday = Planning Time (8:30a-5:00p)
I spend the day off-site, usually somewhere with free wireless internet, and I plan:
  • The next two weeks of “routine” admin tasks for myself and my staff.
  • The next steps on each of my 30 or so big projects.
  • When I will work in the next two weeks.
  • What I will do during each moment I’m working.
  • Agendas for all meetings in the next seven days.

Wednesday = At Church (8:30a-5:00p)
Wednesday mornings I catch up on email, and meet with each of my staff members to answer their questions and make sure they are helping me kick projects along.
Wednesday afternoons, I plan for Sunday and do my project-related tasks.

Thursday = At Church (8:30a-5:00p)
Thursday mornings are all-staff meetings and meetings with larger groups.
Thursday afternoons, I spend time thinking through team leadership issues and meeting with the Sunday planning team

Friday Morning = At Home (until 12:30p)
Friday morning’s I’m off to baby-sit my daughter while my wife gets some time out of the house.

Friday Afternoon = At Church (1:00-5:00p)
I spend Friday afternoons planning for special events in the next couple weeks.

Saturday = At Church (8:30a-9:00p)
Saturday mornings are usually set aside to meet with volunteer team leaders.
Saturday afternoons, I work on special events.
Saturday evenings are dedicated to preparing for Sunday morning.

Sunday = At Church (7:00a-2:00p)
Two Sunday services

This is my schedule when I have no events I need to attend outside these hours. That only happens about once a month. For most weeks, this shifts around a bit, so that I can attend other services, usually on Wednesday nights, Friday nights, or Sunday nights. I make sure to take extra time off to make those changes.

As far as the 15-minute break goes... within every four hours any employee works, law requires that he gets a 15-minute, paid break. Sometimes I take it. Sometimes I don’t. I’m trying to make sure to take it and to blog during that time. As time has gone on, I’ve come to believe that blogging really doesn’t fit as part of my official job description at the church.

As far as my staff goes, I have two people that report to me:

Resource Department Administrator | This is a full-time employee who handles all the day-to-day operations of our bookstore and sermon media department. He works M-F, 8:30-5:00p.

Production Department Administrator | This is a part-time employee who handles all the volunteer scheduling for the sound, lighting, video, and set design teams. She works M-F, 8:00-noon.

I hope this helps!

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