Friday, January 19, 2007

Family Room Meeting - No Teens Allowed?!

The married couples and single parents of our church meet each third Friday of the month to discuss - did you guess? - marriage and parenting. We call the event, The Family Room.

The topic for tonight's Family Room underwent a serious change in just the last couple weeks. I'm not sure what it was originally, but about 10 days ago the topic became marital intimacy. The pastors wanted to grab the chance to discuss this critical issue alongside the other teaching we are receiving on Sundays about sexual purity.

One small challenge: to allow as many married couples as possible to simply attend, our tech crew for Family Room is 75% high schoolers, who probably would be dis-served by hearing practical details about marital intimacy.

So, with the topic change came a significant crew change. By God's grace and the faithful help of my administrator, all positions were filled tonight by married couples. I want to give a quick "Thanks so much!" to those who covered for our tech teens. You sacrificed the opportunity to sit with your spouses in order to serve the church at large, and every family represented there was blessed by what you did.

Enjoy the pleasure of God in your work, and may He bless your marriages as well!

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