Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Eve Service Recap | Part 2

I began a recap of our Christmas Eve Service a couple days ago. You can read the beginning here.

And I'll continue here with the "Welcome"...

Joshua Harris was a very gracious host, as usual. He has such a wonderful way of inviting guests into our church experience, of making us a comfortable group of people with which to encounter the oft-uncomfortable message of the gospel.

One note of interest: we normally ask guests to stand on Sundays, but we tend to not do that during meetings where the guest population is much higher. However, we did ask people to stand this time, so that we could give each family a gift, and we ran out of gifts! I think we prepared 200 gifts, but I could be wrong. That's a lot of guests. Praise the Lord.

Next was our "Heaven to Earth Drama," which was essentially three parts:
  • First was a drama sketch of a father and daughter, watching the sky for shooting stars. They discussed how the Lord's arrival as a baby Savior was so humble of God and such a light to men.
  • We went directly from that into a single voice singing Here I am to Worship. "Light of the world who stepped down into darkness..."
  • After verse 2, the congregation joined in to sing along in congregational worship.
The combination of these three elements was very effective. Our attention was focused on the extreme humility of the incarnation. Then we heard the quiet amazement of a single person at God's de-ascension. Finally, we were able to participate in expressing wonder and worship directly to the Lord Himself.

Technically, this went very well, although I wasn't extremely happy with the lighting. I fear that throughout our Christmas Eve service, lighting was sub-par. That was my own fault. I didn't really give our lighting folks the necessary information soon enough to make the appropriate artistic decisions. They really became button pushers. That's too bad because the blue nighttime was probably too dark and the solo music lighting was just a little bland. I should know better.

More later...

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