Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I don't think my most recent attempt to blog is working. So I'm trying something new, something I haven't heard of before. It's something that may be really stupid. Or it could be a great way to blog. I'm calling it the Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

Now, honestly, fame really has nothing to do with it. This blog will not make me famous. But fifteen minutes does have something to do with it. Rather than try to write an exhaustive post occasionally, I'd like to post short ideas each day. I'll be taking one of my official fifteen minute breaks at work to blog.

I even have a countdown clock on my computer. Right now it's at 05:41. I'll be watching the clock to limit the amount of time I spend writing and to give myself faith that I can actually spend the time at this moment.

What will come out of this new plan? I have NO idea. But I suppose we'll find out!

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