Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An Excellent Example of Faithful Service

I sent this message as an encouragement and challenge to my tech teams this morning. Enjoy!
Hello, production team friends.

I am passing on a message that I received yesterday from Bruce because he has provided us all with an example of faithful service worthy of emulation and honor. Bruce and his son Robert have handled CSB sound for at least two years. Here’s his note...

I wanted to make you aware that Abner and his son Bryan are transitioning into the CSB sound setup/takedown instead of Robert and I. Since this is Robert's last year on the program, I had been looking to transition this job over to another father and son who would be here next year before we left. After finding out that Abner has been involved on the sound team at CLC, I mentioned to him that the CSB sound is a great father/son activity to consider. He showed a great deal of interested in doing this with his son Bryan. Just recently, we have worked together for several weeks to show them how to do this job. After this trial, after giving him the opportunity, Abner agreed that instead of waiting until the end of the year, he would like to transition right away on this. I encouraged that, and told him that I would be available to help and substitute as necessary.

As far as you are concerned, this should be
transperent, but the web site should now show Abner and Bryan doing the CSB sound now. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Dave.



Bruce, thanks for several things:
  1. Thanks for taking the initiative to find someone to take your responsibilities when you will not longer be serving.
  2. Thanks for thinking ahead to look for someone to fill your place many months in advance.
  3. Thanks for training them thoroughly and carefully transitioning them into that role.
  4. Thanks for humbly being willing to hand off responsibility early.
  5. And thanks for being available to help in the future if necessary.
You have raised the bar for production team servants.

I also want to publicly send you a big “Thanks” from my wife Cara and daughter Meg. Why? CSB is a Monday evening event. Because Monday is my day off to spend with my family, I am even more grateful for how “transparent” you have made CSB. I’ve never had to even think about it, and I continue to be blessed by your excellent leadership and care now that Abner and Bryan are at the helm. Please know that my family is grateful that I can be fully home on those Monday nights!

With much respect and thankfulness,


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