Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why Fly? | SuperSonic

We started our most recent sound/lighting/video training arena, SuperSonic, last Sunday. I asked the high schoolers in the group the following questions:
  • Why do you think we are doing this?
  • Why are you here?
I got similar answers from most of them that I would summarize like this:

Why do you think we are doing this?
  • To make sure that we have enough volunteers for all the church events.
  • To free up the key volunteers from serving all the time.
  • To "clone" our best volunteers for future service.
Why are you here?
  • To serve the church more effectively.
  • To be able to do handle all sorts of different events.
  • To be able to know how to solve technical problems.
  • So that those key volunteers don' t need to be there.
These are great answers that reveal so much of God's grace. How many high schoolers do you know want to serve the church, want to free others up from serving, want to learn to be more effective for the gospel? I praise God for these kids, and their love for the church.

I also adjusted their perception just a little bit. What's the root answer to both those questions?

Why are we doing this? Why are you here? Jesus died for sinners. That's why.

It's not primarily about knowledge. It is about God and his gospel.

More tomorrow.

Photo Credit: patrick boury

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