Tuesday, October 10, 2006

SuperSonic Launched

My grandfather got me intrigued about supersonic flight when he told me that it's essentially silent. Because the plane is travelling faster than the speed of sound, it leaves behind any sound that it makes. Every time I fly, I wish I was in the Concorde where the screaming engine noise would be long lost to the sheer speed of the plane.

Sometimes I feel like the church is supersonic. It's going so fast that the sound CREW is left behind by the speed of new events piled onto the calendar. That's one reason why we've begun our new training class called SuperSonic.

SuperSonic is for young men and women in high school. They will meet twice a month for 3 hours to learn about sound, lights, and video throughout the Covenant Life Church building. The first session was two days ago, and the group of seven young men and women were stoked to get flying.

I'm fired up about seeing more young folks gaining a broad understanding of the technical systems in the building. And even more, I'm looking forward to being able to influence them to serve for God's glory. More about that tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Neville Henderson


Anonymous said...

I'm 3 weeks into my new job as multimedia minister at my church. I've been busy readying for a conference, new equipment, and making short video skits promoting a special sunday coming up. I'm very excited to be where God has me.

I am interested though, how do you go about promoting technical volenteer opportunities? We include a blurb on the sunday morning bulletin and make occasional announcements, however, we're still often shorthanded. I'm looking to change that. We're one of the largest churches in our town and the fastest growing, so it should be possible.

Dave Wilcox said...


Thanks for making the sacrifices to serve in multimedia at your church. You will find so much joy and be stretched at the same time. I am praying for you even as I post this comment.

Recruiting is a complex task that I've written about some in the past. I'm sure there is much I've missed. I'd encourage you to select "Search" in the sidebar and type in "Recruit" or "ServFest." You will get a good number of posts discussing new volunteers and recruiting.

However, to give you a direct, if not complete, answer here, I'll say a few things:

1. Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray.

2. I always take a both-and approach. There is no single magical way to recruit volunteers. So, keep doing the Sunday Morning bulletin, occasional announcements, and add word-of-mouth, show-and-tell/come-and-learn meetings, ministry fairs, website posts, pre-meeting screen slides, and anything else that is available. If you get one or two people per endeavor, you'll be moving forward faster than you realize.

3. Build for the long term. The most important volunteers are the ones you already have. Do everything you can to keep them serving from year to year. Spend as much time (or more) making their service a joy as you do getting new people to sign up. Over time you'll build up a good size, high quality team if you are able to retain the people who are with you now.

4. Keep praying!

May God bless you with a fruitful ministry!