Friday, October 13, 2006

%s | Your Job Description

For the last couple weeks, I've been interviewing to hire a new person to run our resource department. In the process, I always make sure they get a copy of the job description. At the same time, I laugh inside because Covenant Life job descriptions are eternally dynamic. Nothing changes faster around here than our defacto roles and responsibilities as we try to keep up with a growing and changing congregation.

I had a wonderful conversation with our Director of Communications yesterday where we began what will probably be a long dialogue about the future of video at Covenant Life. One of the root questions that arose out of the conversation was this:

What are our roles in leading into the future of video at Covenant Life?

Because we haven't had the opportunity to talk to our pastors about this, yet, I have to leave the specifics of the conversation there. However, the conversation once again brought up my lack of forward-looking thinking. I fear that I probably spend about 95% of my time on what's happening in the next three months and 5% of my time on the decades after that.

I'd love to hear from any church tech or media leaders out there with a quick answer to a quick question:

What percentage of your time do you spend on events, plans, projects, etc. that are happening in the next 3 months? And what percentage of your time do you spend working on things that are happening more than 3 months out?

I hope to hear from many of you. Thanks for commenting below!
Photo Credit: Lee Bennett

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