Saturday, October 07, 2006

Occasional Firsts

We had some firsts today worth noting:

1. We had an almost completely new children's ministry sound team, made up of mostly one family. From what I heard, they rocked the rehearsal tonight, even with just one training session under their belts.

2. For the first time ever, we had an all-female sound team doing setup in the auditorium. Thankfully, some young men were around to help them haul some of the heavy stuff around. Not that they really needed the help. But they deserved it.

3. We did our youth meeting in the room known as PG1, aka Practice Gym 1, aka the back left third of our auditorium. You can see PG1 directly behind me in my picture to the left (sorry to all you feedreaders). One portable sound system, two 9x12 rear-project screens (one rented), two projectors on 10' sticks, and eight volunteers later, we had a meeting "in the bleachers." Technically, we pulled it off. I am eager to hear if it "worked," from the organizers perspective.

4. I posted twice in one day for the first time in forever!
Photo Credit: makeshift

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