Saturday, October 07, 2006

God's Grace in "2006" | IMAG

It was only about 18 months ago that Kenneth Maresco coolly made the following announcement...

"IMAG is among us."

A picture of his face was on the screen for the first time. Surprisingly, the congregation applauded and cheered. They immediately saw how this would serve them, thanks to several weeks of preparation by our pastors and several decades of preparation for ongoing change from God himself.

That was a good beginning. In fact, I couldn't really imagine a better one. Introducing change to sinful human beings requires care, foresight, planning, and excellent execution. And it requires God's help. By God's grace, that happened when we started using image magnification.

As I reflect on the grace of God over the last "year" and look forward to our new year, I realize one amazing thing: in only 18 months, IMAG has become second nature. The IMAG video volunteers have really taken hold of the purpose: to bring the preached word of God, in all its nuanced fullness, to the entire congregation. Now, everyone can clearly see the gestures and the facial expressions that convey the emotion of our pastors as they speak of the cross of Christ.

Some have been challenged by our high expectations. Some have been frustrated by the lack of flashiness that we've enforced in order to keep the images as undistracting as possible. But all have wholeheartedly come behind our efforts and vision to make the word preached more effective.

I am grateful to be a technical director, no doubt about it. But this is one of those things that makes me sure I've got the best volunteers and the best church to serve.

Ok, so I'm biased. But I still think I'm right.

I praise God for the undeserved blessing of these people, and I pray that all tech directors receive the same blessings from the people they labor for and alongside.

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