Tuesday, October 03, 2006

God's Grace in "2006" | Children's Ministry

Have you ever considered that most of what we do at our churches is for our children? Even what we preach and learn and apply and try as adults is preparing the way for our children and their children to worship God.

That's why I'm so excited about some of the changes in our children's ministry this last year, with even more coming in the next year. Mike Bradshaw, our children's pastor, has been taking the assembly formats to the next level, specifically the gathering when all the 2nd-5th graders are together. What used to be just a miniaturized "Big Church" is now tailored to the spiritual state, the knowledge base, and the learning methods of the children. And it's a whole lot more fun, too!

Central to this next year's change is the introduction of a weekly drama troupe which engages the kids on the issues and ideas of the morning. The children will get to know the characters and see both in them both good and bad examples.

The increased centrality of the dramatic elements to kid's church means that the tech teams will have to step it up a level. Thanks be to God that the team members have already embraced continuous improvement. We staffed up significantly last year in order to prepare for the major programming changes coming this year. And God has used that small preparatory step to allow us to serve our children more effectively this coming year from the start.

Thanks to all the sound, lighting, and video volunteers who help proclaim the gospel to our children each and every week!

And thanks to the God who has provided so abundantly for his people and for the future of Covenant Life!

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