Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Backup the Backup of the Backup

A few vignettes to explain why I just spent over $3000.00 for a battery:

1. I have a dear friend who has done sound at Covenant Life for many years. His solution to every problem is, "We need a backup." He has proposed having backup mixers, that's 48-channel mixers, just in case a channel goes bad. When he proposed it, I checked the budget and then laughed. OK, I never checked the budget. I just laughed. Maybe I shouldn't have.

2. Every Sunday we set up a backup wired mic with a 50' cable (it's cheaper than a 48-channel mixer). That's just in case our wireless handheld mic at the pulpit doesn't work and it's backup wireless handheld doesn't work either. Or in case the preachers lav and the two backups for that don't work. Why? Because the one and only time we forgot to set it up, the wireless handheld at the pulpit didn't work. Not good! The wired mic is our guarantee that nothing bad will happen. (OK, so God is only the guarantee, but the wired mic sure seems to work!)

3. Two to three times a week, we get a brownout in our building. Very occasionally, it happens on a Sunday. I don't like brownouts. Neither does our video projector. It coughs and sputters and usually decides to take 5 minutes to refire it's lamp. Here's a rough transcript from 9:47am this last Sunday... Senior Pastor Joshua Harris: "So, as we watch this 40 minute..." -- BROWNOUT -- "...video, look for God's grace and be inspired by his work. Let's watch the video." Needless to say, we didn't watch the video. We sang a song while we waited for the projector to come back to life.

I have finally listened to my old friend and purchased one very expensive battery backup for our video projector.
Photo Credit: ASurroca

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Anonymous said...

Yay. A giant battery for the projector. Hopefully what we won't here is the piercing beep it emits when we do experience a brownout :)