Saturday, September 23, 2006

Team Management Tools

Confession: I'm kind of a tool junkie. I love new tools that help me do what I do better. Near-Time is the newest tool I've implemented in tech team management. You can check out our new site here.

The only thing is I'm not a tool buff. I don't really know everything out there, so I can get hooked pretty easy. What hooked me about Near-Time? The "Events" tab. The volunteers can now see all our tech-supported events in a true calendar view, and they can collaborate with me in planning those events.

Anyway, if you visit our space, I'd appreciate your feedback on how I could serve my volunteers better with the information posted (all you lurking Covenant Life volunteers, speak up). Keep in mind that the site is almost brand new, and that we'll mostly be using it for scheduling volunteers for events.

Maybe this will give you some inspiration to try web tools for your own teams, too!


Anonymous said...


I just switched over and started using Wiki Groups and you go and find me a better tool!

The calendar is killer. Thanks!


Dave Wilcox said...


I know how you feel. I almost didn't post this at all out of fear that someone would say, "Why don't you check out such-and-such?!" Such-and-such would then be ten times better than the one thing I just invested all my time in. Sorry to be the bearer of good/bad news at the same time. Do you think you'll make a switch, or will you stick with Wiki Groups?


Anonymous said...

Was this a completely custom App or did you tailor an existing package? If custom, are you willing/able to share (or sell)?

Jay Ballard
Director of Technical Ministries
First Baptist Church of Plant City, Florida

Dave Wilcox said...


This is an existing package, through a web-based hosting service called Near-Time. You can check out their product more by visiting