Saturday, September 09, 2006

Room to Grow

Photo Credit: //Jacob

Every year the Covenant Life staff has evaluations. Each supervisor evaluates his employees and each employee evaluates his supervisor. On Friday, I had my evaluation from Corby Megorden, our church administrator.

I wanted to share my weaknesses that he identified and goals he chose for my next year. If any of you have recommendations for materials to help me to grow, please send suggestions my way!

Here are my weaknesses:
  • Dave may need to recruit a strong leader -- the breadth of the teams may limit his effectiveness as time goes on.
  • At times, Dave will wait too long to communicate a concern or a need.
  • Dave should "drop in" more to communicate with Corby.
  • Dave will need to grow in delegation in order to utilize his future admin assistant.
  • Dave can demonstrate self-sufficiency by not coming in a timely fashion with concerns or burdens.
Here are his goals for me, which are closely tied to the weaknesses:
  • Hire and fully employ an assistant.
  • ID assistant leaders to help lead and care for teams
  • More informal communication
  • Bring concerns to light more quickly.
Any resource recommendations? Or things you've learned in these areas?


Anonymous said...

dave -

thank you for your example of humility in sharing these areas and asking for suggestions.

i would like to encourage you by reminding you of a post you made a couple of months ago. you were away and things ran so smoothly that the pastor "forgot" you weren't there - do you remember? i see this as evidence of God's grace at work, even in an area where you may be weak (self-sufficiency). as you work towards these goals for the coming years, look back on these things as a reminder of God's faithfulness to you!

Dave Wilcox said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I do remember that Sunday very well! God is at work, especially through the many people who step up every week to serve alongside me with joy and excellence. May he be glorified by all for the way he uses weak people like me.