Sunday, August 13, 2006

WorshipGod06 Reflection: Gratefulness

24 hours and a good night's sleep can clarify many things. That which yesterday was simply a blur in my mind now has filled my heart with much to share in reflection on the technical aspects of the WorshipGod06 conference.

First, I am filled with gratefulness to God for his provision of people. Several times throughout the weekend, I reminded others and myself that the church is people, not technology. And God provided through Covenant Life Church this weekend. I want to thank publicly those who served me, the conference attendees, and ultimately the Lord Christ. These fine people, by the grace and strength of God, exemplified Collosians 3:22-24:
"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."
First, I want to thank the Cowan family. They were my sine qua non for the conference, my "without which not." Jim, Vicki, Justin, Andrew, and Philip: thanks for working so hard for so long every day to make so many different things happen!

Next, I need to thank a slew of young people who came to serve in whatever way they were called upon: Chris, Caleb, Micah, John S, Mark, John C, Anna, and Kila. These fine friends of mine did video, lighting, audio, seminars, setup, takedown, and on and on. Thanks for making the most of your youth for the glory of the Lord!

Special thanks to Frank and Richard for coming alongside all the youth, also serving wherever needed and whenever possible. Frank used vacation time to serve!

Brittany, thanks for spending so much time entering stuff into SundayPlus! You definitely bailed me out big time at the last minute. Dawn, thanks for coming alongside her at those key moments of busy-busy-busy-ness.

Joe and Karen, thanks for working with all the sound teens and keeping them on track.

Peter B. and Tony, thanks for making the very young video crew look so good.

Bob and Kathe, your solid camera 1 work was essential to the whole event. Thanks for bringing the word closer to the eyes and ears of the hearers.

Finally, thanks to Peter, Kevin, and Matt, who directed cameras throughout the event. Matt, thanks for your faithfulness to serve and trust in God even though you had a potential job on those days. (If anyone is looking for a great freelance video guy, visit Matt's website!)

Maybe because of exhaustion, maybe because of senility, definitely because I'm human, I've already forgotten so much of what you all did. I am inadequate to thank you fully.

However, God will never forget, and he is not inadequate. I can't wait for his commendation of you in heaven!

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