Thursday, August 17, 2006

WorshipGod06 :|: iMagnify Video

So, Adrian Warnock tipped off a few of you that I slipped up and revealed the IMAG gone amuck skit that was going to happen at WorshipGod06. I should have known better than to include a link on the post. Stupid me. That's my fault, not Adrian's! Hopefully, I didn't ruin anyone's experience. If I did, please forgive me and jot me a comment so I don't do it again.

At least one person was interested in seeing a video, so here's what we got. The beginning is a little odd because we were transitioning from live cameras to a videotape. I'm sorry about that. I think you'll get the idea.

Note: After posting this, I've noticed some audio sync issues, probably due to the compression levels of the sound track. I'll be working on that later in the afternoon, hopefully. But enjoy it as much as you can for now. Thanks for understanding.

What do you think? Was it funny? Did it work?

Oh, and this video is copyright 2006 Sovereign Grace Ministries and Drew Jones. All rights are reserved. I have used it with permission. If you break the law, and make millions off this, you owe Drew one large yacht. Thanks!

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Peter Schott said...

Well, I wasn't there, but I really like this video. I especially liked the "Sing it like you mean it." conversation. Sadly, I've been there. Thank you for sharing this.