Thursday, August 03, 2006

Forgotten But Not Forlorn

Compliments come in strange shapes.

This last Sunday morning was intended to be a unique day, since Covenant Life was sending out the official church planting team to Frederick, our first church plant in many years. We had planned for it to be an unusual morning with videos and slide shows and multiple speakers and testimonies and people standing on the floor in front of the stage. We've done all these things before, but rarely all at once and never when I've been on vacation.

So off I went to a little town in Michigan where I had no cell phone service and my only attempt to download my email tied up the phone line for over an hour.

Yesterday, on my first day back from eight days in nowhere, I asked our senior pastor how things went on Sunday. He first looked at me strangely, but then something clicked. "I completely forgot you were gone on Sunday. It went so smoothly I didn't even think about your absence."

Being forgotten at a time like that is a wonderful gift!

Thanks be to God and to all the amazing volunteers he's provided to this church!

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