Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Tech Teen Story

Today's Topic: Team Building

He had to stand on his tiptoes to see over the heads of the crowd. Biblical Counseling. Adult Choir. Women's Prayer Group. Nothing for a 14-year-old boy who really knew nothing about anything. Except maybe, "Technical Ministry."

It was a long-shot, but he went up to the table to ask.

"Hey, ummm... I'm only 14 and I don' t know anything about sound. Is there any way I can help?"


The answer completely surprised him.

And changed his life forever.

That was me, 16 years ago at Central Wesleyan Church in Holland, Michigan. Somehow, the patient and wise and kind and generous folks there allowed me to come and play on the sound, lighting, and video crew. It was a small beginning, but from there I went to school for studio recording and film production and then began working freelance and now I'm back serving the church at Covenant Life, this time as a technical director. God works in mysterious ways.

This story is why I love working with teenagers and why I insist on having teams that encourage young men and women to serve. Who knows where God will take them after that? Most of them will never become technical directors, but I sure hope one of them will eventually step up, out-serve me, and take my spot on staff here. I can't wait!

Check back next week Wednesday to see how we do our best to encourage teenagers to be involved.

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