Sunday, July 09, 2006

Summer, Sunday Celebrations

Today's Topic: The Big Day

Tomorrow starts for me at 7am for Summer Celebration, Covenant Life's kids summer camp, so this post will be brief. We just finished setup, and I'll probably pop up some pictures from the camp tomorrow. Summer Celebration is fun on the tech end with bubble machines, globe lights, chases and the like.

This morning we heard from Joshua Harris on the cost of Christianity. You can hear the message once it's posted on our sermons page, which will probably happen in the next day or two. I'm hoping it goes up soon, since I didn't get to listen and take notes this morning while trying to direct cameras.

One interesting note from the morning... Last fall, Joshua did two messages on courtship which a publisher is considering for a future video product. We gave them the IMAG footage, which they thought was great. However, the footage didn't have any wide shots that included the congregation. If it had, it wouldn't have been IMAG.

So, one of our favorite video companies, Brainbox, came in this morning to attempt to remake those November mornings and get shots of Joshua preaching with the congregation. But they had to make sure the shots avoided seeing his face clearly, since he wasn't speaking remotely the same words.. We had about four hours of conversations on Saturday to figure out which shots will work and what we had to do to make sure that continuity could be kept, even though the shoots were done ten months apart.

I think we were able to make it work with only minor modifications to our original Sunday plan. Of course, Josh had to wear two different outfits, one in the first service to match the first courtship message and a different one during the second service to match the second courtship message. Yes, that argyle sweater may live on ad-infitum. Yeesh!

I'll let you know if/how the project turns out.

Look for those Summer Celebraion pics tomorrow.

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