Thursday, July 06, 2006

Relevance -- T4G Blogging

Next week, Covenant Life is welcoming 350 kids for Summer Celebration, our summer camp for children. I found out today that 25 families from outside the church are sending their kids to the camp. What a wonderful opportunity to invite them into our experience of God's grace.

Because of the holiday weekend and the extra time I'll be putting in next week for Summer Celebration, I'm not working as much this week as usual. Hence, I didn't get all my blog posts written on Tuesday (oops, I just let out the great trade secret!).

So, instead of posts on Tools and Techniques or Team Building today, I want to highlight a discussion that's been happening on the Together for the Gospel blog. They have been discussing relevance in preaching. I thought this would be a worthy topic for all media folks to consider since we are often in the position of attempting to assist a teacher in making a message relevant.

You need to read these posts...
  1. Assumptions and Pursuits by Dr. Mark Dever
  2. Relevance, Customer Needs and Faithfulness by Dr. Ligon Duncan
  3. The Cutting Edge has No Edge by Dr. Albert Mohler
  4. Sabbatical Reading and Reflections by Dr. Mark Dever
  5. Cross-Centered Relevance by CJ Mahaney
  6. Two Kinds of Relevance by Dr. Mark Dever

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