Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pictures of Your Favorite Set Designs

Today's Topic: Tools and Techniques

Well, I think I'm beginning a string of posts asking for your help. I'm working a new type of project for the fall, namely a set-design for our oncoming 1st Corinthians sermon series. The sermon series will last at least a year, so I need design and construction that will "last" the whole time.

Do you have any pictures or videos of your favorite set designs, in a church or elsewhere?

You could have designed and built them yourself, or you could have seen them elsewhere. Links to the pictures or videos would be ideal. You can comment on this post or email me.

In light of Anthony Coppedge's post yesterday, I'm wary of becoming a copycat, but I'm also looking for examples and inspiration. I'd be so grateful for any help you can provide.

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Anonymous said...

David -

I am intrigued about a 1-year sermon series. Are you packaging the series that way. I am not an expert on sermon series lenght, but I do know our church just went through an 8 week study of James. The last couple weekends the graphics and 'feel' started to get a little old. In no way was the topic old, but just the presentation.

It would have been nice to take the exogenical study and break the graphics up into two, four week series. Same information, just packaged differently.

Could you break 1 Chorinthians into smaller topics/packages so as not to have the same set for 1 full year?

Again I am not an expert by any means, but some thoughts to chew on.


Dave Wilcox said...


That's an excellent point you make. My hope is that I can put together a bunch of set pieces that can be used in multiple configurations and lit in different ways to create some differences throughout the series. The sermon series is so long that most likely it won't have the same look and feel throughout.

Also, our congregation is not used to regular, radical changes in set design, so they may not get as old as fast. Given that, how long do you think the lifespan of a particular look would be? 8 weeks? More? Less?