Friday, July 21, 2006

On a Family Trip...

Last summer, some friends of ours went on vacation to the beach with their one-year-old son. The husband emailed after the vacation and said that he decided to rename their getaway. It was now a family trip. I'm guessing that travelling with a small child wasn't quite as much a vacation as the word "vacation" seemed to indicate.

So, we're off on a family trip. I am thrilled to spend the week with my bride, my little girl, and my extended family, even if it doesn't mean we get to sleep in until 11am.

Now, I want you to do this with me:

Raise your right hand (Come on, humor me here). Raise your right hand, point your left forefinger at the place where your middle finger connects with your hand, and say out loud, "that's where Dave's going."

Congratulations, you've just qualified to become a native Michiganian (or Michigander if you prefer).

Look briefly at your hand-map once more. Notice what's missing? You got it, there are no major cities anywhere even remotely near our destination. The little town where my parents live is quite isolated, with only dial-up internet and very, very sketchy cell phone reception. However, I understand I can go to the Big Boy (do those still exist?) in a neighboring "city" and get wireless internet. But for what price?

So, this may be the last post until August. I'll try to post occasionally during the trip, but I can't make any promises. Have a great couple weekends enjoying the Lord Jesus!

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Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm enjoying your blog. I have attended numerous SG Worship Conferences (although can't this year). I am the lead worshipper at North Oaks Community Church in Clarkston, MI, and new exactly when I saw your picture (with your hand raised), that you were coming to MI! :) Hope you have a great vacation.

PS: We are building a new church building and would love to get some input from you on our sound strategy sometime.

Scott Harvey