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Last week, after announcing our ServFest results, scooterpastor wrote with this request..."
OK, I would like you to share some posts on how you recruit teams, what servefest is, etc..."
First of all, let me say that I am particularly blessed at Covenant Life Church. We have an entire team of servants dedicated to connecting new volunteers to ministry teams. That is the LINK team. So, they handle all of the regular, front-end recruitment for all ministry teams in the church.

What do I mean by "front-end recruitment?"
  • LINK is the first point of contact for potential volunteers through Starting Point, a Lobby Kiosk, and ServFest. I'll explain those further later.
  • They point potential volunteers to openings on ministry teams that fit the volunteer's giftings and time availability.
  • They "background check" potential volunteers to make sure that they meet the "member status" requirements for teams they are interested in. Some teams require membership in the church, others do not, and some have other prerequisites.
  • They contact ministry team leaders regularly with contact info for potential new recruits.
  • They regularly contact ministry team leaders to have a complete and updated list of ministry team openings throughout the church.
  • They probably do a bunch of other things that I never even notice but depend on greatly.
First points of contact are essential for making sure volunteers don't get lost in the shuffle or end up wandering down a circuitous path to finding the right ministry team to join. The LINK team uses three contexts for first points of contact: Starting Point, a weekly Lobby Kiosk, and ServFest.

Starting Point is our membership class. In Starting Point, we try to instill a value of our church which has been historically called EMI, or Every Member Involvement. And at the end of each class session (there are 10 sessions, I think), a member of the LINK team is available to discuss serving opportunities with Starting Point attendees.

Still, some people manage to become members without finding a meaningful place to serve. So each Sunday morning, LINK sets up a "kiosk" (that's Scandanavian for a folding table) where anyone interested in serving can come up and talk about serving opportunities with a LINK team member.

Finally, there is ServFest, which is our name for a ministry team fair. We've done ServFest several different ways, but I think this year's was definitely the best.

On June 9th, our senior pastor, Joshua Harris, gave a message on serving. He ended about fifteen minutes early, so that anyone who wasn't serving could attend ServFest. Each major group of ministry teams gave a five-minute presentation in one of three tents set up on our back lawn. Large signs led people to the teams they were most interested in.

I did a short ditty on the Technology Ministries. That isn't even an official group, but it made sense to include the sound, lighting, video, duplication, and IT teams together in that group. Other groups were Outreach, Communications, Children's Ministry, Creative, etc. I think we managed to categorize all the ministry teams into 9 different groups for presentations

Each person got a card, and he was able to indicate on that card what ministry team group interested him most. Then he wrote down the specific ministry team on a line below that group. I guessed that I had 300 people listen to the presentation on Technology Ministries. From that, I had 80 people check off the card that they were interested.

From here, it's my responsibility to follow up. For those 80 people, we'll have a series of meetings on a Saturday in August, introducing them more fully to each of the different teams. For someone who comes in through Starting Point or the Kiosk, I'll often meet with them one on one or in small groups. At that point, they make a decision to sign up or not.

So that's the process. Any other questions?

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Anonymous said...

I knew you were a musician deep down. Sound people don't do "little ditty's," musicians do! I hope sound people aren't offended by being called sound people and that I don't think sound people would do little dittys.

Dave Wilcox said...

Well, I wish I could say I was a musician. Deep down, I probably want to be.

Truthfully, though, "ditty" was my second choice word. I wanted to use the word "shpeel" (phonetic) but I couldn't figure out how to spell it.

Sorry to dissapoint.

Scott Sterner said...

Dave. Thanks for the info. Your approach is similar to ours, but you guys have "taken it up a notch" with the tents, ending the service 15 min early, and leader ditty (or shpeel if you prefer).

I'll pass this on to our volunteer coordinator, arts staff, and other pastors. Thanks so much for sharing.

I'll see you at WorshipGod06!


Anonymous said...

I happened to read an article yesterday that included the spelling of the desired but elusive word: it's "spiel". Just FYI. :)