Sunday, July 16, 2006

Getting in Touch with Our Inner Pharisees

Today's Topic: The Big Day

This morning, John Loftness (aka The Lofty One since the "tall" pulpit isn't even tall enough for him), brought God's word in clarity and power. He spoke from Luke 11 about Jesus' "Woe's" to the Pharisees.

What did the Pharisees' practices reveal?
  • They were more interested in externals than internals, in hands not hearts.
  • They practiced a religion that was self-serving rather than others-serving.
  • Their practices led them to reject God rather than to honor God.
What's the big deal? Why so many serious woes for such practices?

If I say you can earn God's favor through your works, I steal from you the grace of God through Jesus Christ, which is the key of knowledge.

His challenge to each of us was to get in touch with our inner Pharisees. Rather than judge the Pharisees who were there, we are to judge ourselves. Are there ways in which we attempt to justify ourselves and earn our standing before God through our service, sacrifice, or deeds?

Most technical folks are sacrificial servants, and if it's true that no temptation has seized me which is not common to man, then most likely you, too, try to find comfort or justification in your own good deeds rather than solely in the grace of God.

Listen to this message to remember the danger of self-righteousness and to seek humility. It should be up on the site by Monday afternoon.

You can also review a post which I think relates well to this message: "Fear God. Not Men."

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