Friday, June 16, 2006

WorshipGod06 :|: Question for You

Today's Topic: Questions & Answers

We're turning the beat around today.

I ask. You answer.

Ready to play?

Covenant Life is hosting Sovereign Grace Ministries' WorshipGod06 Conference this August. Led by Bob Kauflin, this is an absolutely essential event for anyone involved in leading churches in corporate worship through music. There will be a track for basic tech stuff as well. You can see the seminar list and register online.

For all the past conferences, I've wanted to do a little more for the tech folks who are attending.

What types of things would serve you when attending a conference like this?

Here are some ideas that have been thrown out to me.
  1. Tour of our equipment and facilities with commentary on what we learned from our building projects.
  2. Roundtable lunches where small groups can throw out troubleshooting issues to more experienced techies.
  3. Open stage setup and rehearsals for folks to watch or even participate. Regroup later in the conference for questions, comments, and suggestions.
Anyway, that gives you a taste of the types of things I'm thinking about.

What else would you want to do, learn, receive, or experience?

Please comment to let me know.

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