Thursday, June 15, 2006

What's MY Next Step?

Today's Topic: Team Building

The series on recruiting continues. Here are Part 1 and Part 2.

We must give prospective volunteers the next step for them to move from interested to involved. If we don't give them direction for their next move, they will likely get stagnated in the mire of the recruiting process.

However, our teams must also have some sort of tracking system in place, so that we know where new people are in the process of getting involved. We have a responsibility to follow up with them and with other team members who are going to be training them.

This is an area where I, honestly, fail miserably. So, I'm writing to myself as much as to anyone else.

Here are my suggestions for following up thoroughly:
  • Even if you don't hand it out, have your recruitment process on paper with all the if...thens spelled out or drawn up.
  • Keep a file -- paper or word doc or email doesn't matter -- for each person who has expressed interest in your team.
  • Note all your communication with them in that file, especially the next step you've given them to complete.
  • Give them a due date, even if you don't share it with them.
  • Add a task to your task list (you do have one, right?) to contact them for follow-up.
  • Actually follow up!
One final suggestion: Delegate this to someone else. You don't actually need to be the driver. If you are not strong administratively, find someone who is and have them be the recruitment guru for your tech or media teams.

So that's my recommendation.

How do you keep track of potential volunteers?

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